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Covering about 47,000 square metres, the Wilayah Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the country and designed to be a “mosque in a garden”. Construction of the mosque was  completed in August 2000. The mosque can accommodate 17,000 worshippers at any one time.


The hemispherical 30m wide main dome, with arched windows at its base, has half domes beneath and a vault joining it to a monumental portal arch facing the mosque courtyard.

Complementing the main dome are four smaller domes of 12.95m in diameter, and an inner dome shell of 24m. Inspired by several monuments built in Iran during the Ilkhanid period, the designs for the inner shell is richly varied. The ornaments include sixteen large circular Shamseh motifs, two small circular motifs and two drop motifs, all set amongst intricate borders.

The outer shell of the domes is finished in mosaic tiles with decorative motifs designed in the style of the Safavid mosques in Isfahan. It is surmounted by a crescent moon finial in stainless steel with a gold finish. The inner shell of the main dome has a scalloped form and an ornamental motif raised in relief. Although the main domes are supported by a trussed steel structure, the smaller domes are self supporting and requires no steel structure.

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