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dk Composites Sdn Bhd prides itself with having expertise in state of the art technology, sophisticated equipments and advanced engineering techniques in advanced composites manufacturing.

Located in Composites Tech City in Batu Berendam, dk Composites is recognized as a high-end composites fabricator since 1997. dk Composites was originally set-up to facilitate the construction of a few major dome projects in the country.

dk Composite’s broad range of composite-based material applications:

  1. Design, Development & Installation

  2. Composites Structure (Cladding & Domes)

  3. Marine Composites

  4. Racing Yachts

  5. Power Boats

  6. Modular House

  7. Rail & Transport

  8. Electric Vehicle

Our client base spreads across Europe, Middle East, USA, Australia and around Asia, where it has successfully delivered unique projects of world-class standards.

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