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YEAR: 2001

This beautiful mosque is crowned with twenty-three composite domes designed in the traditional style of Isfahan.

The main dome of the Al Bukhary Mosque, 14m in diameter, is decorated with quranic calligraphy in ceramic tiles fabricated using traditional techniques. Beneath is a drum of window arches with decorative grilles.


Two majestic minarets guard the smaller half domes positioned below the main dome. Covering the side wings that flank the courtyard are medium-sized domes and small domes. Their exterior has a mosaic tile finish with arabesque motifs in the same style as the main dome. The inner shell of the main dome has a decorative treatment with ribs raised in relief, tracing out an intricate geometric pattern, surrounding calligraphic inscriptions. The medium-sized domes and small domes also have geometric motifs and hand painted calligraphy, all designed with reference to historical examples of Islamic architecture from Iran and central Asia.

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